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Updated Saturday October 8, 2016 by Richard Mucci.


2016 Bombers Coaching Forms and Links.

2016 Fingerprint Form: CLICK HERE

Schedule your Fingerprint appointment here: CLICK HERE

NOTE: Be sure to click START on the bottom left corner of the page to proceed.

Fill out the 'Reason for Visit' to match this: IMAGE

You will need to pay online the amount ($25) and you will be reimbursed by the town approx. 4 weeks later.

Keep a copy of this receipt (once you get the prints) and hand the form to the REC center office.

From there you will be able to get your Photo ID for the upcoming season.

Heads Up Certification: (Concussion Test):

The Heads Up Certification concussion test must be done every (12) months.

If you are due re-take the exam or have never taken the test, then do so here:

Heads Up Certification Course (Online)

Keep a copy of this and hand it to your Head Coach.

CPR Class:

You will be required to take a CPR class every (2) years.

If you have not done so or are due to re-take this class, then refer to your Head Coach for more details.

Rutgers Certification Course:

This is a (1) time course in which you must complete in the state of NJ.

If you have not done so, then refer to your Head Coach for more details.